7 Reasons to Invest in a Sliding Wardrobe Spring|Summer 2019

When it comes to Sliding Wardrobes, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Not only can they give your bedroom a fresh look, but they can also provide you with a practical space for hallways, living spaces and home offices.

Whether you already have a sliding wardrobe or you’re looking to introduce them to your home for the first, you might be deciding whether they are the right move for you, so Fusion Robes thought we could give you a helping hand with our 5 good reasons to invest in Sliding Wardrobes in Summer 2019


Don’t be under the impression that you need lots of space to install a sliding wardrobe, you don’t. They can be installed, even in small bedrooms and rooms with sloping ceilings. Sliding Wardrobes are made bespoke to your requirements and a good Sliding Wardrobe company will fully customise a wardrobe for customers, there is no one size fits. At Fusion Robes, we can help you create the much needed extra space you need by utilising spare bedrooms, alcoves, sloping ceilings and hallway space from the floor to the ceiling.

In small bedrooms, Wardrobes Doors that open outwards can make life very difficult. They affect the space you have to work with, plus they make it difficult to store things or lay your bedroom out how you like.

A new sliding wardrobe can be installed with doors that slide side to side, overlapping each other or bi-folding to save space. At Fusion Robes we have managed to solve many problems with small spaces.


For houses with Sloping Ceilings, Angled Sliding Wardrobes are an increasingly popular choice. Customers who live in a Dormer house can utilize the space of an upstairs bedroom where space is limited by the slope in the ceiling and it is impossible to find furniture to complete these areas. That’s where sliding wardrobes come in, you can create a design with angled doors and add any amount of internal spaces savers and accessories. Fusion Robes offer a free design service for all complex areas and rooms of all shapes & sized, contact us to find out more.


If you opt for a sliding wardrobe with a mirrored design, you can kill two birds with one stone. Once installed, your sliding wardrobe will provide you with extra-practical storage space, all the while offering a way for you to check your reflection and look your best.


While mirrored sliding wardrobes are extremely popular, a wide range of design options is available to help you design your dream wardrobe. Choosing a colour, print or contrast of coloured glass & wood can be achieved.

At Fusion Robes, we invite clients to a showroom consultation and take the time to experiment with different panels and frames to determine which style you like the best. This will help us to find the perfect design for your room. Our showroom has a range of Sliding Wardrobe and Dressing room displays to choose from.


A new sliding wardrobe can help you become very creative and ultimately help you to store things more effectively, freeing up more space in your room to introduce new furniture, accessories or a relaxing comfortable area.


Whether your home is Traditional, Contemporary, Chic or modern, Sliding Wardrobes can be designed to blend into the style of your homes design. A classical and traditional home may opt for dark wooden Sliding Wardrobe , whereas a modern home may introduce colored glass doors. Where space is limited and appearance is essential, Sliding Wardrobes are always a good fit.


Fusion Robes make it super easy for you to choose new Sliding Wardrobes. We offer a free measurement and design consultation service to our customers. Throughout the consultation, we listen to your needs and style preferences and our many years of experience allow us to choose to create a wardrobe you will love for many years.

The design process is fun and allows our clients to create something for their homes from scratch. Our recent clients agree and have shared there reviews

So there you have it; the top 7 reasons to invest in sliding wardrobe in 2019.

If you are looking to introduce sliding door wardrobes in your home, take the time to get in touch with Fusion Robes to arrange your consultation online or by phone 028 9045 9337 or check out the range of Sliding Wardrobes we have available online