Top 8 things you need in your bedroom.

Did you know the average person spends 200,000 hours of their lives in their bedroom? That’s the same as spending 22 years in your bedroom! Crazy – yes – but our sleep is so important to our day to day well-being and ability to enjoy our lives, work hard and play hard. So having the perfect bedroom is a very important element to how we achieve this.   The perfect bedroom starts with a great design and adding elements that are important to the atmosphere of your room.

Fusion Robes have worked on hundreds of bedrooms, delivering a range of bedroom storage units, sliding wardrobes, furniture and comfortable beds and chairs, so it’s safe to say we have seen a thing or two.

Here are Fusion Robes top 8 things you need in your bedroom.

1. A Comfortable Rug

Waking up and feeling a cushy rug between your toes can make any morning awesome. Basically, if you don’t have a rug in your bedroom, you’re missing out. If you already have carpet, but it’s not as luxurious as you might have hoped, add a smaller, plush rug by the bed. Aesthetically, a rug adds extra softness to a bedroom making it appear more comfortable.

2. A Place to Sit (That’s Not the Bed)

Extra seating such as Bedroom Chairs  or a soft bench is good to have in your bedroom for a few reasons: it can be a place to read and gather thoughts (that’s not the bed), a place to put on shoes, late night or early morning feeds, check your email in the morning or even just have a conversation with your partner. 

The type of chair is up to you, a Tub Chair like the Mia or luxury Belle lush velvet chair is a popular choice with our customers due to their support and range of colours, there is something to match every room.

3. Luxury Bed Linen 

During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. Basically, a good night’s sleep is really important, and nothing helps you sleep better than luxurious linens with a high thread count. Upgrading to new bedclothes can have a positive effect on your sleep and well-being.

4. The right storage 

There is nothing like a made bed and a clean bedroom – as the saying goes – a tidy room is a tidy mind and you will find yourself enjoying your bedroom more if you have the right storage to keep all your items stored neatly. The right storage is about using your space and being more creative. Bespoke Fitted wardrobes are an excellent way to be creative in your bedroom, with bright beautiful colours and unique choice of internal accessories that give you a dedicated space for each item of clothing, shoes, paperwork and whatever else your bedroom is storing. Floor to ceiling storage is an excellent way to store items, utilising heigh space allows you to achieve more floor space in your bedroom. 

5. Simplicity

Don’t make your bedroom an optical course, A simplistic minimal room is like a light breeze on a summers day – heavily!  And don’t panic, a simplistic bedroom design doesn’t mean you have to throw away any of your possessions, paint the walls white or get rid of your clothes you’ve been promising yourself you will wear again, it’s about the simple way you present your bedroom, with the right accessories to manage and store all your items, without the need for clunky furniture here and there. A dressing table, bedroom chair, bed and Sliding Wardrobes will create a stunning simplicity in your bedroom and at an affordable cost. 

6.  The Right Scent

Whether you prefer candles, reed diffusers or all-natural air fresheners, a fresh-smelling bedroom can go a long way when it comes to enjoying this space. We recommend trying lavender linen spray for a mellow, floral fragrance. Bonus: Lavender can actually improve your sleep. (Yes, really!)

7. A Full-Length Mirror

Not only will a full-length mirror let you double-check your outfit every day, adding a large mirror to the space will help make your bedroom feel more spacious. Also popular are Mirror Sliding Wardrobes, they make your bedroom appear larger in size and save space with free standing furniture, allowing you to store all your clothing and shoes in the one area, and a way to check yourself before you leave. 

8. Wall Hooks or Shelves

There is nothing more valuable in your bedroom than vertical wall space (especially if your room is lacking in square footage). Add wall hooks or shelving to hold scarves, jackets, books, plants and whatever else you want to display in your bedroom. Another way to achieve maximum square footage is choosing to build fitted wardrobes which fill floor to ceiling height, making good use of vertical space. Add as many accessories, drawers, hooks and shelves as you like within your fitted wardrobe, it’s yours to be creative with. 

So there you have it, our 8 top things to have in your bedroom. If you would like to find out more about our services, please feel free to visit our showroom.

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