Self Builders & Home Improvement Event 4th- 5th October 2019

Join us at our Self Builders & Home Improvement Event and meet our designers, join our live demos and talks, exclusive offers and more.

About this Event

Are you a self-builder or improving your home and considering a Walk-in Wardrobe, Fitted or Sliding wardrobes for you home but aren’t sure where to start? Our Self Builders & Home Improvement event will offer you everything you need to make the right choices for your home.

Expert designer available over TWO days

Our Designers will be available over TWO days, offering live talks and demos, expert advice on Walk-in Wardrobe, Fitted and Sliding Wardrobes including designs, layouts, colours, budgets and costs.

You will leave with all the information you need to consider a design, layout and budget for your new wardrobes and also…

  • Exclusive Offers
  • Goodie Bags
  • Interior Design advice and  offers
  • Expert Advice
  • Wardrobe Display Browsing
  • Understanding of Costs and Budgeting
  • Options & Colours
  • 3D Design Drawings (Pre-Book)
  • Giveaways and more

Book a 3D design

PRE -BOOK a design slot with our expert design team on the day. Bring your plans / drawings along with measurements and our designer will create a 3D render of your space with a beautiful wardrobe design. Sessions last between 60-90 minutes and pre-booking is required to guarantee a slot with a designer

Understand Costs and how to budget for your Self-Build or Home Improvement project. Budgeting for your Self-Build or Home Improvement project is so important so to help you understand the costs involved and how to budget to achieve exactly what you want for your space – our designers will be discussing how to budget for your project with live demos and talks throughout the day!

The event is open to the public from 9-5pm on BOTH days and our team will be on hand to answer any questions you have.


Fusion Robes

6-8 Castlereagh Road, Belfast


4th & 5th October 2019

9:30 am – 5:00 pm

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This event is free and no ticket is required, however we ask each attendee to purchase a free admission ticket so we can allocate resources accordingly.

Free Interior Design Consultation

Get your free interior design consultation with Blakely Interiors at Fusion Robes. 

Offer eligible with every purchase of Fitted Wardrobes, Walk-in Wardrobes & Sliding Wardrobes.

Transform your space with Fusion Robes

Ready to transform your home with amazing Sliding Wardrobes or add to your space with Fitted wardrobes or a Walk-in Wardrobe, then visiting Fusion Robes Belfast Showroom is a must! There is no better time to start looking for your new wardrobe.

Fusion Robes specialise in bespoke Sliding Wardrobes and are one of few wardrobe companies that specialise in the design of angled wardrobes that fit low and slanted ceilings.

Every wardrobe is created to our customer’s exact specification and budget. However, if you are unsure what specification you are after, our expert design team will be on hand to help you decide.

They will help you choose from over 70 different timber styles and more than 25 colours of glass and mirrors. There are also an array of handles styles in plain and woodgrain colours to choose from.

Free Interior Design Consultation with Blakely Interiors

Avail of the amazing help from an expert Interior Designer to complete your room with this exciting new offer from Fusion Robes and Blakely Interiors.

Blakely Interiors, provide a full interior design service to assist you through any project from concept to completion. Available throughout Northern Ireland – Blakely Interiors are passionate about many things; quality, service, craft and exquisite interior designs. Specialising in upholstery and soft furnishings, they have one of the largest textile libraries in Ireland including designer collections for printed fabrics, weaves and wall coverings. They also produce bespoke furniture, curtains, cushions, flooring and other accessories.

Receive your free Interior Design Consultation voucher when you purchase a Sliding Wardrobe, Fitted Wardrobe or Walk-in Wardrobe from Fusion Robes. Please note: A voucher will be presented to you on receipt of a deposit from Fusion Robes.

Book a Consultation with Fusion Robes

A free measurement and design service is available throughout Northern Ireland. Our expert design team will visit your home and take measurements of your space, we will discuss with you, you’re vision for the space, budget and the design of your new wardrobe.

You are then invited to our showroom for a design consultation where we will create a 3D render of your space and design your wardrobe as you choose from our samples of colours, finishes, accessories and handles.

Get started today!

To get started, visit our showroom 6-8 Castlereagh Road, Belfast.

Book Online or via telephone 028 9045 9337

Top 8 things you need in your bedroom.

Sliding Wardrobes Belfast

Did you know the average person spends 200,000 hours of their lives in their bedroom? That’s the same as spending 22 years in your bedroom! Crazy – yes – but our sleep is so important to our day to day well-being and ability to enjoy our lives, work hard and play hard. So having the perfect bedroom is a very important element to how we achieve this.   The perfect bedroom starts with a great design and adding elements that are important to the atmosphere of your room.

Fusion Robes have worked on hundreds of bedrooms, delivering a range of bedroom storage units, sliding wardrobes, furniture and comfortable beds and chairs, so it’s safe to say we have seen a thing or two.

Here are Fusion Robes top 8 things you need in your bedroom.

1. A Comfortable Rug

Waking up and feeling a cushy rug between your toes can make any morning awesome. Basically, if you don’t have a rug in your bedroom, you’re missing out. If you already have carpet, but it’s not as luxurious as you might have hoped, add a smaller, plush rug by the bed. Aesthetically, a rug adds extra softness to a bedroom making it appear more comfortable.

2. A Place to Sit (That’s Not the Bed)

Extra seating such as Bedroom Chairs  or a soft bench is good to have in your bedroom for a few reasons: it can be a place to read and gather thoughts (that’s not the bed), a place to put on shoes, late night or early morning feeds, check your email in the morning or even just have a conversation with your partner. 

The type of chair is up to you, a Tub Chair like the Mia or luxury Belle lush velvet chair is a popular choice with our customers due to their support and range of colours, there is something to match every room.

3. Luxury Bed Linen 

During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. Basically, a good night’s sleep is really important, and nothing helps you sleep better than luxurious linens with a high thread count. Upgrading to new bedclothes can have a positive effect on your sleep and well-being.

4. The right storage 

There is nothing like a made bed and a clean bedroom – as the saying goes – a tidy room is a tidy mind and you will find yourself enjoying your bedroom more if you have the right storage to keep all your items stored neatly. The right storage is about using your space and being more creative. Bespoke Fitted wardrobes are an excellent way to be creative in your bedroom, with bright beautiful colours and unique choice of internal accessories that give you a dedicated space for each item of clothing, shoes, paperwork and whatever else your bedroom is storing. Floor to ceiling storage is an excellent way to store items, utilising heigh space allows you to achieve more floor space in your bedroom. 

5. Simplicity

Don’t make your bedroom an optical course, A simplistic minimal room is like a light breeze on a summers day – heavily!  And don’t panic, a simplistic bedroom design doesn’t mean you have to throw away any of your possessions, paint the walls white or get rid of your clothes you’ve been promising yourself you will wear again, it’s about the simple way you present your bedroom, with the right accessories to manage and store all your items, without the need for clunky furniture here and there. A dressing table, bedroom chair, bed and Sliding Wardrobes will create a stunning simplicity in your bedroom and at an affordable cost. 

6.  The Right Scent

Whether you prefer candles, reed diffusers or all-natural air fresheners, a fresh-smelling bedroom can go a long way when it comes to enjoying this space. We recommend trying lavender linen spray for a mellow, floral fragrance. Bonus: Lavender can actually improve your sleep. (Yes, really!)

7. A Full-Length Mirror

Not only will a full-length mirror let you double-check your outfit every day, adding a large mirror to the space will help make your bedroom feel more spacious. Also popular are Mirror Sliding Wardrobes, they make your bedroom appear larger in size and save space with free standing furniture, allowing you to store all your clothing and shoes in the one area, and a way to check yourself before you leave. 

8. Wall Hooks or Shelves

There is nothing more valuable in your bedroom than vertical wall space (especially if your room is lacking in square footage). Add wall hooks or shelving to hold scarves, jackets, books, plants and whatever else you want to display in your bedroom. Another way to achieve maximum square footage is choosing to build fitted wardrobes which fill floor to ceiling height, making good use of vertical space. Add as many accessories, drawers, hooks and shelves as you like within your fitted wardrobe, it’s yours to be creative with. 

So there you have it, our 8 top things to have in your bedroom. If you would like to find out more about our services, please feel free to visit our showroom.

Walk in wardrobe belfast

Free Design & Measurements

If you’re planning the perfect bedroom and want to maximise your storage or create a luxury design with fitted wardrobes or sliding wardrobes why not book a Free Design Consultation* with the team at Fusion Robes. We would be delighted to help with your project! Book your free wardrobe design consultation here.  

Fusion Robes also design and install Dressing Rooms and Walk-in Wardrobes for rooms with more space. 

*Northern Ireland Only

Keep space for yourself: Choose a Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk in wardrobe, Dressing Rooms

A walk in wardrobe, made up of bespoke sliding wardrobe doors can actually be the best use of a spare room, instead of turning it into a guest room or a storeroom. The best part about it is that you will be using it to organise your clothes and accessories. Even if it is a small one, it can be of great use. Larger rooms can be turned into dressing rooms by adding sliding wardrobe doors bespoke and it will have sufficient space to organize and store your shoes, bags, clothes and other accessories.

Walk in wardrobes can turn into your personal dressing room where you can add mirrors & added accessories to make finding & choosing your items much simpler. You can also put your clothes back in no time and save yourself from the disorganisation of clothes & other items.

Walk in wardrobe belfast

This idea is not only to incorporate in the large walk-in wardrobes with bespoke sliding wardrobe doors but you can also create a study/ office space or a nursery – the choice is yours

Built in wardrobes have always had their value and larger spaces can benefit from a larger walk-in wardrobe that incorporates sliding wardrobes this also produced an even higher value and will always work if you decide to sell your home.

Fusion Robes is known for its amazing walk-in wardrobes that are custom made for every customer. We can create a stunning home dressing room for you in different types of materials, colours and finishes.

Perfect Wardrobes for your home

Finding the best option to buy the perfect wardrobe for your house is one thing that many people face difficulties, especially for those with unique spaces or dormer rooms & windows.

Fusion Robes have been in this business for over 10 year’s and can easily spot the requirements of different types of customers – we offer a free measurement and design service in Northern Ireland, so we can offer our customers the best sound advice. This way we can provide you with the best option available for you after considering your house, taste and preferences.

Woman’s shoes on shelves in cozy dressing room interior with blue armchair and mirror

Customers can also visit and browse our showroom and the many sliding wardrobes door we have on display. Our in-store design consultation will provide you with the visual designs of the options available allowing you to custom build your wardrobes. Only if you are okay with the virtual designs of the options, they proceed with the installation process.

Types Of Walk-In Wardrobe Systems by Fusion Robes

Pilar System Walk-in Wardrobes

Pillar System Walk-In wardrobes are one of the most luxurious wardrobes systems in use now. It creates a readily accessible walk-in closet and provides you with enough space to create designated compartments for each of your things in your collection. This is perfect for people with a wide array of clothing, shoes, watches and other such items that need to be kept safely and neatly. You can choose if you want to have a contemporary or an antique style of design for your walk-in wardrobes according to your own personal choices.

Cabin System Walk-in Wardrobes

The Cabin System walk-in wardrobes are for people who benefit from having extra space or a spare room that needs a revamp! It uses sliding doors, shelves, drawers and cleverly placed wardrobe accessories to create multiple compartments and drawers, providing you more than enough space to hold your belongings in an otherwise limited area.

Looking For a Fantastic Sliding Wardrobe Company?

If you are looking for a sliding wardrobe company that can help you design the storage solutions that you dream of, then Fusion Robe is the right firm for you. We have years of experience understanding our client’s expectations and delivering products that wow them. Making us one of Belfast’s leading sliding wardrobe company.


When you are trying to design your sliding wardrobe with these experts, you should talk to them about the kind of finish you would like your wardrobe to have. Some of the possible options include:

-Glass: this can be a unique one that is ideal for people who like modern clean vibes.

-Wood: this one exemplifies luxury at its best and can look absolutely amazing. You can even choose from over 40 wood grains.


Your home speaks a lot about your personality which is why you must be careful while designing each and every aspect of it. Make sure that you pick the right wardrobe accessories too so that the whole look can be coherent and lovely. If you are looking for great storage solutions, then get in touch with Fusion Robes today. They can transform your space into a very beautiful one that you’ll probably be quite obsessed with.

7 Reasons to Invest in a Sliding Wardrobe Spring|Summer 2019

Sliding Wardrobes Belfast

When it comes to Sliding Wardrobes, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Not only can they give your bedroom a fresh look, but they can also provide you with a practical space for hallways, living spaces and home offices.

Whether you already have a sliding wardrobe or you’re looking to introduce them to your home for the first, you might be deciding whether they are the right move for you, so Fusion Robes thought we could give you a helping hand with our 5 good reasons to invest in Sliding Wardrobes in Summer 2019


Don’t be under the impression that you need lots of space to install a sliding wardrobe, you don’t. They can be installed, even in small bedrooms and rooms with sloping ceilings. Sliding Wardrobes are made bespoke to your requirements and a good Sliding Wardrobe company will fully customise a wardrobe for customers, there is no one size fits. At Fusion Robes, we can help you create the much needed extra space you need by utilising spare bedrooms, alcoves, sloping ceilings and hallway space from the floor to the ceiling.

In small bedrooms, Wardrobes Doors that open outwards can make life very difficult. They affect the space you have to work with, plus they make it difficult to store things or lay your bedroom out how you like.

A new sliding wardrobe can be installed with doors that slide side to side, overlapping each other or bi-folding to save space. At Fusion Robes we have managed to solve many problems with small spaces.


For houses with Sloping Ceilings, Angled Sliding Wardrobes are an increasingly popular choice. Customers who live in a Dormer house can utilize the space of an upstairs bedroom where space is limited by the slope in the ceiling and it is impossible to find furniture to complete these areas. That’s where sliding wardrobes come in, you can create a design with angled doors and add any amount of internal spaces savers and accessories. Fusion Robes offer a free design service for all complex areas and rooms of all shapes & sized, contact us to find out more.


If you opt for a sliding wardrobe with a mirrored design, you can kill two birds with one stone. Once installed, your sliding wardrobe will provide you with extra-practical storage space, all the while offering a way for you to check your reflection and look your best.


While mirrored sliding wardrobes are extremely popular, a wide range of design options is available to help you design your dream wardrobe. Choosing a colour, print or contrast of coloured glass & wood can be achieved.

At Fusion Robes, we invite clients to a showroom consultation and take the time to experiment with different panels and frames to determine which style you like the best. This will help us to find the perfect design for your room. Our showroom has a range of Sliding Wardrobe and Dressing room displays to choose from.


A new sliding wardrobe can help you become very creative and ultimately help you to store things more effectively, freeing up more space in your room to introduce new furniture, accessories or a relaxing comfortable area.


Whether your home is Traditional, Contemporary, Chic or modern, Sliding Wardrobes can be designed to blend into the style of your homes design. A classical and traditional home may opt for dark wooden Sliding Wardrobe , whereas a modern home may introduce colored glass doors. Where space is limited and appearance is essential, Sliding Wardrobes are always a good fit.


Fusion Robes make it super easy for you to choose new Sliding Wardrobes. We offer a free measurement and design consultation service to our customers. Throughout the consultation, we listen to your needs and style preferences and our many years of experience allow us to choose to create a wardrobe you will love for many years.

The design process is fun and allows our clients to create something for their homes from scratch. Our recent clients agree and have shared there reviews

So there you have it; the top 7 reasons to invest in sliding wardrobe in 2019.

If you are looking to introduce sliding door wardrobes in your home, take the time to get in touch with Fusion Robes to arrange your consultation online or by phone 028 9045 9337 or check out the range of Sliding Wardrobes we have available online