See these wardrobes transform into a luxury Walk-in Wardrobe with Sliding Doors at this home in Bangor.

We transform these tired and overcrowded wardrobes for our customer in Bangor, Co. Down by converting two internal built-in wardrobes into one large Walk-in Wardrobe with Sliding Doors at the entrance. The sliding doors are double-sided with mirrors in the inside, maximises the space.

The Sliding Doors & internal profile are finished in a Graphite Wood with soft closing doors & drawers. ⁣

The design allowed this customer to create a much more organised space and add a dream Walk-in Wardrobe to their home.

See the full project in pictures below.

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Kid’s Bedroom | Sliding Wardrobes or Fitted Wardrobes?

Sliding Doors or Fitted Wardrobes? Both perfectly allowing you to be creative for your Kid’s bedroom

Choosing furniture for your kid’s bedroom should be a creative and fun experience. As a family run business, Fusion Robes knew all about creating space for our kid’s toys, shoes and all things nice.

Whether they’re on a pirate ship dashing across the waves or in a kingdom of fairies and princesses, your Kids’ bedroom provides inspiration for the world they create. How vivacious you want the room to be is up to you, and, indeed, your little one.

Choosing whether to add fitted wardrobes, sliding wardrobes or a pillar wardrobe system into your children’s bedroom is completely up to you. To make that choice easier for our customers, we invite you to our Belfast Showroom featuring displays of Slide Robes, Fitted Wardrobes and Walk-In Wardrobes.  Here you can explore the range, types of finishes and colours you want to incorporate. Plus arrange a free home consultation, measurement and design for your new wardrobes.

The design process will take the layout of your room, and create a stunning design of what the wardrobes may look like when fitted. It truly is an exciting experience to look forward to. Our staff at Fusion Robes will make the process as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for you and your children.

Be creative with your Kid’s Bedroom

Fusion Robes encourage customers to be as creative they desire. Your children can turn the underside of a desk into a cave and the space behind a sofa into a secret grotto, with the furniture they use increasingly essential to their daily escapades.

You can take this one step further and design furniture that is not only based around your child’s idea of play but also their unique interests as well.

Goat and floral custom graphics

Freestanding furniture too

Fusion Robes can create desks and other freestanding furniture in tailor-made shapes, colours and with unique functions (folding desks etc).  Furniture and Accessories are also available to buy from our website shop.

Customising your Kid’s bedroom

Customising your Kid’s bedroom with a theme is a popular choice for our customer.

If they are in love with Peppa Pig, floral patterns, football, or, for older children, would just like a colour scheme carried throughout the room, then it can happen.

Boys room and girls room

Add extra details to kid’s bedrooms

Adding a custom graphic to their wardrobe doors is a good place to start. You can place a picture of absolutely anything on the doors, so long as the image provided is large enough. The custom graphic’s can be spread to chest of drawers, bedside tables and more. And the same is true for the alternating colours of a chosen scheme, allowing your child to truly make the room their own

Wardrobes and rooms for older children

Slope and Angled ceilings

If your children’s bedroom is a slope of angled ceiling, take advantage of the unique with efficiently designed angled doors.

There are no standard size restrictions; so we can build angled sliding door wardrobes for practically any space in your home.

Angled sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution for optimising space in your children’s bedroom.  Alcoves and loft installations can also be utilised with a sloped wardrobe. The design options for your sliding wardrobe are endless here are some example of Children’s bedroom angled sliding wardrobes:

Ready to start being creative with your children’s bedroom?

Visit our showroom to view the displays or claim a free consultation and design visit on our website.  

Get so much more inspiration from our Pinterest Kid’s Room page.

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The Mocca Range

mocca design

Our new Mocca range is an exciting addition to the Fusion Robes Walk-in Wardrobe selections. You can expect a sleek, stylish and modern aesthetic, with strong aluminium lines presenting a bold finish. The Mocca Storage solution wardrobe to its name is Mocca in colour and is designed to offer a wide-ranging colour palette to complement most homes. The range offers 10 storage systems all allowing for functionality yet not comprising on the design our customers have come to expect. 

Wardrobe drawers

Jewellery Drawers 

All elements of the Mocca range offer a soft close feature as standard and the Mocca drawers are no exception; the perfect way to display your effects, discover a new precedent in order and organisation. The drawers offer a unique way to exhibit your jewellery collection, allowing each piece to be celebrated individually. Thanks to the drawers spacious multi-sectioning they can also be used to store ties and belts.


Wardrobe drawers

Basket drawers

A reinvention of the basket concept, these airy alternatives to standard drawers offer your clothes greater breathability and longer lasting freshness. Thanks to enhanced air circulation your clothes can be stored for longer and still feel as fresh as when you put them away.



Shoe Rack

The Mocca shoe rack is a choice example of sturdy meets stylish. Made from robust steel plating, the shoe rack is highly resistant to scratches, is easy to clean and light to use. Extend the rack out into the wardrobe space to reach your choice of footwear.


Shoe Rack

Rotating mirror

One of the most innovative accessories we offer, the rotating mirror is compact storage and inventive design at its best. The mirror is set flush to the wardrobe to maximise space but can then be swung out to sit at a right angle to the wardrobe, ideal for another perspective when admiring your outfit for the day.



Additional features

The range also offers beautifully articulated tie-racks, trouser racks and pull down hangers with a soft close feature. 


Trouser rack


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Make Your Office Your Own

Make Your Office Your Own

Make your office storage work for you and transition the junk room into something with function and meaning.

Over the last decade almost one in seven people now work from home. If you’re part of the growing crowd, or pondering membership, creating a space in your home which effectively separates your home life from your work life can be a major advantage for productivity.

However, unless you’re capable of religiously shutting out distractions, no matter what they might be, then procrastination will be your chief antagonist. After all, staunch commitment can only take you so far, even if you have a dedicated room to work in. A potential solution can be found in gearing the design of your room towards a work friendly aesthetic. It sounds like simple common sense but it’s something which is often overlooked.

Unnecessary clutter is the first thing to attack on your way to work space tranquillity. Clear out the books, the DVDs, the papers and even the furniture that is going to distract you, and replace them with things relevant to your company/ brand and smart but simple furnishings to illustrate the point that this is a place of work.

Black textured glass wardrobe for chic office

If you opt to save some floor space and choose a wardrobe in which to store your important documents, rather than oodles of filing cabinets, you will find two things happen: firstly, your room has transitioned from crowded with freestanding furniture to open plan and spacious. Secondly, thanks to our tailor-made service, everything is now safely tucked away in a place of its own, neatly contained in a stylish shell.

Consistency is important so match your wardrobe with any freestanding furniture you do have. We can match the vast majority of colours thanks to our wide range or we can simply custom build your desk and cabinets for you.

Whatever your storage needs, ensure they help you fulfil your vision and energise your working environment so you can achieve your potential.

Glass sliding wardrobe perfect for office storage

Back to School Storage Solutions

bedroom kids school study storage wardrobe ideas

Inspire your kids study and learning with some organised, inspirational storage solutions.

The countdown is over – September has arrived – which means if you haven’t already, it is time to get organised. Don’t allow yourself extra unnecessary stress during September when you find that the kids’ schoolbooks start piling up and uniforms are discarded and trampled into the floor instead of hung neatly behind closed doors.

Make your life easier to manage with a bespoke, sleek and affordable sliding wardrobe. With assistance from our team you really can’t go wrong in designing a wardrobe that is the solution to September storage stress.

school storage

Browse Fusion Robes’ range of sliding, angled and folding door wardrobes for inspiration to begin designing your own bespoke sliding wardrobe.

Sliding wardrobe doors allow you to save space effortlessly without the worry of the wardrobe doors extending into the room. Sleek, smooth and with soft close finish options, a simplistic sliding wardrobe is the perfect September storage solution.

Angled wardrobe doors are the perfect choice of wardrobe style to maximize storage space in alcoves and loft installations; whilst still possessing all the functionality of a traditional sliding wardrobe but in a highly efficient way.

school storage ideas

Or should you opt for folding wardrobe doors, you will experience a unique space saving solution. These wardrobe doors disappear when opened, folding neatly with barely any surplus either side. So you can expect a bigger opening, allowing easy access to your belongings in the interior of your wardrobe.
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