Make Your Office Your Own

Make Your Office Your Own

Make your office storage work for you and transition the junk room into something with function and meaning.

Over the last decade almost one in seven people now work from home. If you’re part of the growing crowd, or pondering membership, creating a space in your home which effectively separates your home life from your work life can be a major advantage for productivity.

However, unless you’re capable of religiously shutting out distractions, no matter what they might be, then procrastination will be your chief antagonist. After all, staunch commitment can only take you so far, even if you have a dedicated room to work in. A potential solution can be found in gearing the design of your room towards a work friendly aesthetic. It sounds like simple common sense but it’s something which is often overlooked.

Unnecessary clutter is the first thing to attack on your way to work space tranquillity. Clear out the books, the DVDs, the papers and even the furniture that is going to distract you, and replace them with things relevant to your company/ brand and smart but simple furnishings to illustrate the point that this is a place of work.

Black textured glass wardrobe for chic office

If you opt to save some floor space and choose a wardrobe in which to store your important documents, rather than oodles of filing cabinets, you will find two things happen: firstly, your room has transitioned from crowded with freestanding furniture to open plan and spacious. Secondly, thanks to our tailor-made service, everything is now safely tucked away in a place of its own, neatly contained in a stylish shell.

Consistency is important so match your wardrobe with any freestanding furniture you do have. We can match the vast majority of colours thanks to our wide range or we can simply custom build your desk and cabinets for you.

Whatever your storage needs, ensure they help you fulfil your vision and energise your working environment so you can achieve your potential.

Glass sliding wardrobe perfect for office storage

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