Sliding Wardrobes

A massive range of luxurious Sliding Wardrobes.

Fusion Robes build custom Sliding Wardrobes to fit any size or space. We offer the largest range of Sliding Wardrobe door systems and design options available in the market,
as well as an endless portfolio of colours and materials to choose from. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sliding Wardrobes

Fusion Robes offer a wide range of wardrobes with sliding doors. Sliding wardrobes prove to consistently be a customer favourite, by allowing you to save space effortlessly without the worry of your wardrobe doors extending into your room.

Fusion Robes sliding wardrobe doors are fantastically versatile. We offer a huge variety of styles due to the comprehensive glass type, veneer, height, width and colour options available to you. Imagine clean lines and contemporary chic for a modern bedroom, or a visualise a beautiful antiqued finish for a cosy lounge. You can explore different combinations with guidance from our designers, and experiment with interiors and accessories until your wardrobe satisfies your home decor needs.

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Angled Door Wardrobes

It’s time to take advantage of unique spaces in your home with efficiently designed angled doors. There are no standard size restrictions; so we can build angled sliding door wardrobes for practically any space in your home.

Angled sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution for optimising space in rooms with slanted ceilings. Alcoves and loft installations can be utilised with a sloped wardrobe. Angled doors on a wardrobe possess all the functionality of a traditional sliding wardrobe while maximising storage space in a unique way. You can choose from a wide range of glass, veneers, colours and imagery to customise your slanting wardrobe doors to match any interior decor styling. The design options for your sliding wardrobe are endless.

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folding wardrobe bedroom doors. Floor to ceiling

Folding Door Wardrobes

Fusion Robes offer high-quality folding wardrobe doors, combined with exceptional style and character. Folding doors can be used as a partition to divide a room, or added as a focal point of your wardrobe. In either case, folding wardrobe doors are a chic addition to your home interior.

Folding wardrobe doors are truly a unique space saving solution. When closed, the wardrobe doors disappear, folding neatly away with hardly any surplus either side. This allows a larger opening, thus making it easier to access the interior of your wardrobe. Our folding wardrobe doors are capable of functioning without a bottom rail. This fantastic feature makes this home furniture even more efficient, especially when using the folding doors as a room divider.

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Sliding Wardrobe Gallery

Fusion Robes can provide any of the designs, styles and colours below. We hope these provide some wardrobe design inspiration. If you see a design you like, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.