The Mocca Range

mocca design

Our new Mocca range is an exciting addition to the Fusion Robes Walk-in Wardrobe selections. You can expect a sleek, stylish and modern aesthetic, with strong aluminium lines presenting a bold finish. The Mocca Storage solution wardrobe to its name is Mocca in colour and is designed to offer a wide-ranging colour palette to complement most homes. The range offers 10 storage systems all allowing for functionality yet not comprising on the design our customers have come to expect. 

Wardrobe drawers

Jewellery Drawers 

All elements of the Mocca range offer a soft close feature as standard and the Mocca drawers are no exception; the perfect way to display your effects, discover a new precedent in order and organisation. The drawers offer a unique way to exhibit your jewellery collection, allowing each piece to be celebrated individually. Thanks to the drawers spacious multi-sectioning they can also be used to store ties and belts.


Wardrobe drawers

Basket drawers

A reinvention of the basket concept, these airy alternatives to standard drawers offer your clothes greater breathability and longer lasting freshness. Thanks to enhanced air circulation your clothes can be stored for longer and still feel as fresh as when you put them away.



Shoe Rack

The Mocca shoe rack is a choice example of sturdy meets stylish. Made from robust steel plating, the shoe rack is highly resistant to scratches, is easy to clean and light to use. Extend the rack out into the wardrobe space to reach your choice of footwear.


Shoe Rack

Rotating mirror

One of the most innovative accessories we offer, the rotating mirror is compact storage and inventive design at its best. The mirror is set flush to the wardrobe to maximise space but can then be swung out to sit at a right angle to the wardrobe, ideal for another perspective when admiring your outfit for the day.



Additional features

The range also offers beautifully articulated tie-racks, trouser racks and pull down hangers with a soft close feature. 


Trouser rack


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