Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture in Belfast

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Client Profile

Fusion Robes Belfast, a bespoke furniture company, was recently hired to design and install a sliding wardrobe for a client in Carryduff, located just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. The clients wanted a sliding wardrobe that was spacious and functional, with a modern design that would complement the overall aesthetic of their home. They were particularly interested in Fusion Robes’ best-selling Indigo Blue finish


The design team at Fusion Robes Belfast created a stunning sliding wardrobe that met all the clients’ requirements. The wardrobe was designed in the best-selling Indigo Blue finish, with Toffee Mate Glass and Graphite tint mirrors. The Graphite handles added a touch of elegance to the overall design.

To meet the clients’ request for sensor lighting, Fusion Robes installed a motion sensor that automatically turns on the LED lights when someone approaches the wardrobe. This feature not only adds to the modern design of the wardrobe, but it also provides convenience for the clients when getting dress. 

Additionally, the client’s bedroom had a sloping ceiling, which made it challenging to design and install the sliding wardrobe. However, Fusion Robes Belfast was able to successfully create a bespoke solution that perfectly fit the awkward space and met all the clients’ requirements.


The final outcome of the project was a beautiful and functional sliding wardrobe that exceeded the clients’ expectations. The Indigo Blue finish of the wardrobe, combined with the Toffee Mate Glass and Graphite tint mirrors, created a sleek and modern look that complemented the clients’ home.

The Graphite handles added a touch of elegance and made the wardrobe easy to open and close. The addition of sensor lighting made the wardrobe even more functional and convenient for the clients.

Overall, Fusion Robes Belfast successfully designed and installed a sliding wardrobe that met all the clients’ requirements and added value to their home. The clients were extremely happy with the design and quality of the workmanship, and would recommend Fusion Robes to anyone in need of a bespoke furniture solution.

Project Photos