Fitted Wardrobe In Bangor Northern Ireland

Our client, in Bangor Northern Ireland, envisioned a wardrobe design that complemented the traditional style of their home.

Despite the exceptionally tall 3-metre ceilings, the client opted to maintain a standard height for the wardrobe, allowing the room’s architectural features to shine through.


The traditional nature of the client’s house posed a unique challenge for the wardrobe design.

With tall ceilings, there was an opportunity to create a big grand wardrobe; however, the client preferred a design that respected the scale of the room and highlighted its features.


To meet the client’s preferences while accommodating the architectural characteristics of the room, we proposed a traditional wardrobe design with a standard height.

This approach ensured that the wardrobe would seamlessly fit into the space, allowing other design elements to take centre stage.

Key Features

  1. Traditional Aesthetic: We crafted the wardrobe with a traditional aesthetic in mind, incorporating elements such as panelling and mouldings to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. This design choice aligned perfectly with the client’s vision for their traditional home.

  2. Standard Height: The wardrobe was designed to maintain a standard height. This decision was made to prevent overpowering the room and to allow the architectural features, such as decorative mouldings and ceiling details, to remain prominent.

  3. Attention to Room Features: By keeping the wardrobe at a standard height, we ensured that the room’s features were not overshadowed. This approach allowed the client to showcase the architectural charm of their home while still benefiting from the functionality of a well-designed wardrobe.


The implementation of the traditional wardrobe design in Bangor resulted in a harmonious blend of style and functionality. By respecting the scale of the room and prioritising the showcasing of its features, we delivered a solution that seamlessly integrated into the client’s traditional home.

Through thoughtful consideration of the client’s preferences and the unique characteristics of the space, we successfully designed and installed a traditional wardrobe that enhanced the overall aesthetic of the room.

The project exemplified our commitment to creating bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

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