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Custom Sliding Wardrobe Design: Our customer’s spacious room boasts abundant natural light, providing the perfect canvas for a stunning wardrobe transformation. 

Design Concept:

Our design team meticulously crafted a sliding wardrobe solution tailored to the client’s specifications. Embracing the abundance of natural light, we introduced a panel mix of colored glass in champagne and ivory hues, accented by a matching profile. Two mirror doors further enhanced the room’s luminosity while adding a touch of sophistication.

Innovative Features:
  1. TV Unit Integration: Understanding the client’s need for multifunctionality, we ingeniously incorporated a sliding TV unit within the wardrobe. This innovative feature enables seamless transition from concealed storage to a stylish display for the television, catering to diverse preferences while optimizing space.

  2. Ample Storage: Prioritizing functionality, we meticulously designed the wardrobe’s interior to accommodate various belongings. From spacious shelving for books to dedicated compartments for shoes and bags, every element was tailored to enhance organization and accessibility.

  3. Customized Frame Profile: Overcoming architectural challenges, our design team devised a specialized frame profile to seamlessly integrate the wardrobe around the roof truss protruding from the ceiling. This bespoke solution underscores our commitment to delivering tailored designs that harmonize with the client’s space.

The new design seamlessly blends with the existing layout of the room and ceiling. 


A bespoke sliding wardrobe that not only meets the client’s storage needs but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of their space. By seamlessly blending functionality with elegance and addressing architectural constraints with innovative solutions, we’ve exceeded the client’s expectations.

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