His and Her Walk-in Wardrobe Co Armagh

Client Profile

The client, a married couple, recently purchased a new housing development. However, they felt the need for a larger Walk-in Wardrobe to accommodate their clothing collections. They had a spare bedroom that they wanted to convert into a bespoke His and Her wardrobe with a unique entrance.


The main challenge was to create a His and Her wardrobe that could be accessed without having to leave the bedroom and enter the hall space. They wanted a dressing table, a bench, and ample storage space with glass doors for easy accessibility.


At Fusion Robes, we understood the client’s requirements and implemented a solution to create a walk-in wardrobe by knocking a new entrance into the spare room, which also filled up the old door to the hallway. We created one side for the gent’s collection of shirts, baseball caps, and shoes, with glass doors for easy accessibility.  In the center, we added a bespoke double-sided dressing table with mirrors and lighting on each side for getting ready.

Each side had its own set of drawers for jewelry and watches, with a bespoke bench added to the dressing table to enable the gent to tie his shoes. On her side, we added a pull-out tray for makeup, while on his side, we included a jewelry pull-out drawer with soft close for watches.

We used a mixture of hinged glass with black profiles and sliding doors, creating a Graphite Matte Glass with Graphite profiles on the doors. We also added optimal lighting to provide sufficient illumination when the doors are open and inside the wardrobes.


The result was a bespoke His and Her wardrobe that exceeded the client’s expectations. They now have easy access to their clothing and accessories without having to leave the bedroom. The soft-close drawers and ample storage space allowed them to keep their clothing collections organized and safe. Our unique solution was tailored to their specific needs, providing them with a practical and stylish Walk-in Wardrobe.

Project Photos