Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe for customers new home in Jordanstown

Client Profile

Fusion Robes Belfast,  was recently hired to design and fit a walk-in wardrobe for a couple in Jordanstown Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.  The clients wanted a her & her walk-in wardrobe with a modern design that would complement the overall aesthetic of their home. The wardrobe needed to have plenty of storage space, including hanging rails for clothes, jewelry drawers, and shoe storage. They also requested a bespoke wall mirror with a drawer for doing makeup and dying hair.


The design team at Fusion Robes Belfast came up with a stunning indigo blue walk-in wardrobe that met all the clients’ requirements. The wardrobe features push open overhead storage and push open drawers for easy access. The shoe storage is pull-out, which makes it easy to store and find shoes.

The wardrobe has one hinged mirror door for getting ready and checking outfits. The designers also incorporated LED lighting around the walk-in wardrobe carcass, which enhances the overall aesthetic of the wardrobe and makes it stand out.

To meet the client’s request for a bespoke wall mirror with a drawer, Fusion Robes designed a mirror with a drawer that can be used for doing makeup or dying hair. The mirror is also angled, which makes it easier to use.


The final outcome of the project was a beautiful, functional, and modern walk-in wardrobe that met all the client’s requirements. The clients were extremely happy with the design and the quality of the workmanship. The indigo blue color of the wardrobe complemented the overall aesthetic of the clients’ home, and the LED lighting made it stand out.

The bespoke wall mirror with a drawer was a great addition to the wardrobe and provided the clients with a convenient place to do their makeup and hair. The shoe storage, hanging rails, and jewelry drawers provided ample space for the clients to store all their belongings.

Overall, Fusion Robes Belfast successfully designed and fitted a walk-in wardrobe that exceeded the clients’ expectations and added value to their home.

Project Photos