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Mirrored Wardrobes for New Build in Belfast

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Client Profile

Fusion Robes recently had the opportunity to work with a couple who had recently renovated their house in Ballynur Co Antrim. The couple wanted to add a modern, fresh look to their home, and one of their requirements was to have bespoke storage solutions in the master bedroom and their child’s bedroom.


The challenge for Fusion Robes was to create bespoke storage solutions that would meet the client’s specific needs while adding a touch of modern elegance to the home. 


The solution was to create a Walk-in Wardrobe in the main bedroom with Mirror Sliding Doors and black profile. The doors were bright and reflective, which was perfect for the room as it had no windows, providing an illusion of more space. This bespoke storage solution provided the couple with ample space to store their clothes, shoes, and accessories.

For their child’s bedroom, Fusion Robes designed Mirror Sliding Wardrobes with an angled end that had LED lighting for toys and accessories to be displayed. The doors matched the dressing room in the main bedroom, creating a consistent flow to the home’s interiors.


The result was a functional and stylish storage solution that met the client’s specific needs while adding a touch of modern elegance to their home. The black profile of the sliding doors added a contemporary look that blended seamlessly with the room’s existing decor. The LED lighting in the child’s bedroom added an element of fun and allowed for toys and accessories to be displayed, providing the child with an organized and accessible storage solution.

Project Photos