Sliding Wardrobes Northern Ireland

Are you considering upgrading your wardrobe space to maximize both functionality and style? Look no further than Fusion Robes, where we specialise in crafting custom sliding wardrobes tailored to your unique needs and preferences. 

Mistakenly known as Slide Robe Wardrobes (which is a brand), our bespoke solutions offer a myriad of benefits that go beyond the conventional one-size-fits-all approach. 

Here are five essential considerations to keep in mind when choosing Fusion Robes for your next wardrobe upgrade:

  1. Custom Fit for Your Space: At Fusion Robes, we understand that every space is different. That’s why our custom sliding wardrobes are precisely tailored to fit your specific dimensions and layout. Say goodbye to awkward gaps or wasted space – our expert craftsmen will ensure that your wardrobe seamlessly integrates into your room, maximising both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  2. Built-In for Safety and Stability: Unlike freestanding wardrobes that can tip over or become unstable, our custom sliding wardrobes are built-in, providing enhanced safety and stability. Rest assured that your wardrobe will stand the test of time, offering a reliable storage solution for years to come.

  3. Endless Variety of Colours and Styles: One of the advantages of choosing Fusion Robes is the freedom to customise every aspect of your wardrobe, including colours and styles. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a classic design, our extensive range of finishes and materials ensures that your wardrobe perfectly complements your existing decor.

  4. Your Choice of Glass: Whether you desire mirrored, panelled, or smoked glass, the choice is yours at Fusion Robes. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space with our high-quality glass options, which not only enhance the visual appeal but also create the illusion of a larger room.

  5. Maximised Organised Storage: Beyond just a place to hang your clothes, our custom sliding wardrobes are designed to offer maximised organised storage. With a wide range of internal accessories to choose from, including shelving, pull-out drawers, jewellery organisers, laundry bins, soft-close drawers, shoe racks, trouser and tie racks, and more, you can create a personalised storage solution that caters to your specific needs and lifestyle.

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