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Step into this bespoke Walk-in Wardrobe

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Client Profile

Fusion Robes recently had the opportunity to work with a family located in East Belfast who had moved into a new build home. The family had a room with a step-down entrance, angled staircase, and tall ceilings that were 3 1/2 meters high. They wanted to utilize this room as a walk-in wardrobe/dressing room that would accommodate both him and her.


The challenge was to create a bespoke dressing room with storage that would match the tall ceilings and angled staircase. Fusion Robes had to come up with a design that would make the most of the unique space and meet the client’s specific needs.


The solution was to install a dressing room with bespoke storage that matched the tall ceilings. The dressing room included shoe storage, a dressing table, his and her drawers, and dark grey wood with embossed gold handles. Additionally, Fusion Robes created alcove storage with doors hidden behind the rails, which was used for more long-term storage belongings.


In addition to the dressing room, Fusion Robes also installed three hinged door wardrobes for the children and a bespoke office. The office had a bespoke corner desk and shelving for collectibles. Finally, Fusion Robes added two bespoke wardrobes under the stairs, providing additional storage space in the home.

The result was a bespoke dressing room and additional wardrobes that maximized the space available while accommodating the client’s specific needs. The family was thrilled with the result, and the new space has transformed the home, providing a sense of luxury and functionality that was previously missing. The dark grey wood and embossed gold handles add a touch of elegance, making the space feel truly bespoke.

Project Photos