Walk-in Wardrobe for new home extension in Co Antrim

Client Profile

Fusion Robes recently had the opportunity to work with a client in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, who added an extension to their home and garage area, creating a luxury Walk-in Wardrobe. The client wanted to create a large dressing room that would meet their specific needs and provide ample space for their clothes, shoes, and accessories.


The challenge for Fusion Robes was to design a bespoke storage solution that would maximize the space available and provide the client with a functional and stylish dressing room, as part of a larger downstairs extension. The owner had taken the opportunity to add a Walk-in Wardrobe, despite the space being long and narrow. However, the team at Fusion Robes designed the perfect wardrobe solution to make it look and feel a lot bigger, while complementing the new extension’s decor and providing the client with easy access to their belongings.


The solution was a luxury Walk-in Wardrobe that incorporated lots of drawer space and plenty of room for hanging and folding clothes. Despite the long and narrow shape of the room, Fusion Robes created a storage solution that made the space look and feel much bigger while providing the client with ample space for their belongings.


View the amazing results in the photos below. 

Project Photos