Walk-in Wardrobe for new home in Co Antrim

Walk in wardrobe Belfast
Client Profile

Our client had recently moved to Northern Ireland from England and was in search of a perfectly designed walk-in wardrobe to meet her storage and design requirements. She had a specific vision in mind for the shape, color, and storage capacity of her wardrobe, which she found challenging to find with other companies.


The client has a love for fashion and was using DIY rails and storage boxes in her spare room, which was not meeting her storage and design requirements. She needed a 100% bespoke walk-in wardrobe that would meet her vision for design and storage capacity. After searching for the perfect company to create her walk-in wardrobe. 


Fusion Robes meet these requirements using our  3D design software to create a U-shape wardrobe system that would meet her requirements for floor-to-ceiling space, natural light, and mirrors. The design included matching lockers, brass handles, jewelry drawers, and handbag storage.



The result was a midnight blue walk-in wardrobe that offered floor-to-ceiling storage, meeting the client’s design and storage requirements. The bespoke design allowed for a room that she can enjoy, with all her favorite fashion items perfectly organized.

Project Photos