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Crafting Dream Spaces for Little Ones: Bespoke Children’s Bedroom Furniture

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Client Profile

Fusion Robes Belfast recently had the opportunity to work with a family who had an 8-year-old son. The family wanted to update their child’s bedroom from a childish look to a more modern design that would last him through his teenage years. The challenge was to design bespoke fitted bedroom furniture that was practical, functional, and would stand the test of time.


To begin with, Fusion Robes Belfast consulted with the parents to better understand their requirements and vision for the room. After understanding their needs, the team designed a bespoke fitted hinged door wardrobe, bedside locker with drawers, a desk and chest of drawers. They also included plenty of toy storage space that was easily accessible for the child.


One of the most significant design features was the incorporation of a tall unit that would keep wall space eye level from the bed. This would enable the parents to add a TV to the room later on as the child grows up. The desk was also designed to be spacious, allowing the child to have a dedicated workspace for homework and other activities.


The result was a modern, practical, and functional bedroom that perfectly suited the family’s needs. The child now has a room that he can enjoy as he grows up, with furniture that is designed to last him through his teenage years. The parents were thrilled with the results and praised Fusion Robes Belfast for their exceptional workmanship and attention to detail.

Project Photos