Creating Your Perfect Built-in  Wardrobe in Northern Ireland: What to Consider 

Creating Your Perfect Built-in  Wardrobe in Northern Ireland: What to Consider 

Are you thinking about getting a fitted wardrobe for your home in Northern Ireland? It’s an exciting idea that can make your space more organized and stylish. But choosing the right company to make it happen is important.

Fusion Robes is a company that specialises in making custom wardrobes, and they’re a great choice.

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about working with Fusion Robes on your project:

Working Together:

At Fusion Robes likes to work closely with their customers.

Our designers like the wonderful Sharon will talk to you about what you want and help you come up with a design that fits your style and needs.

Transparent Pricing:

We uphold ourselves in being honest and straight forward when it comes to our pricing.

Unlike some competitors who inflate prices only to offer steep discounts later, Fusion Robes provides straightforward pricing without hidden fees or deceptive tactics.

Visualisation of Designs:

With our advanced technology, we are able to show you what your final wardrobe will look like as we think that visualising the end result is crucial when designing a built-in wardrobe.

This allows clients to see how their ideas will come to life and make informed decisions.

Client Input and Opinions:

Your Ideas Matter, after all, it is your wardrobe we are designing for you.

Fusion Robes wants to hear your ideas and opinions. They’ll listen to what you want and make sure your wardrobe turns out just the way you like it.

Solutions for Awkward

Not all spaces are created equal, but Fusion Robes excels at finding solutions for awkward spaces.

Fusion Robes stands out in addressing the challenges posed by unconventional spaces. From navigating around outlets to optimising corners and irregular dimensions, their team specialises in tailoring solutions to enhance both functionality and efficiency.

Positive Customer

Before finalising your choice, you can read reviews from past clients of Fusion Robes.

The positive testimonials, such as those expressed by delighted customers, underscore Fusion Robes’ dedication to excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In-House Installation

Fusion Robes boasts of their in-house installation team, spearheaded by professionals like Patrick.

Through the employment of their own fitters, Fusion Robes guarantees uniformity, superior craftsmanship, and smooth coordination during the installation phase.

Selecting the ideal partner to craft your built-in wardrobe is paramount to achieving the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and quality.

With Fusion Robes, you can have confidence that your vision for a dream built-in wardrobe in Northern Ireland will come to fruition, customised to suit your individual needs and desires.

Book a FREE Design Appointment:

Take the first step towards transforming your awkward spaces by booking a FREE Design Appointment with Fusion Robes. Our team is eager to explore the possibilities and tailor a solution that aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

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Our Customers Journey to a dream Walk-in Wardrobe

Our Customers Journey to a dream Walk-in Wardrobe

A Customer who transformed a spare room into a dreamy walk-in wardrobe in the serene location of Ballyclare.

With a palette of cashmere and soft black, combined with thoughtful design elements and ample storage solutions, this space redefines elegance and functionality.

Creating Space

The journey began with the realisation of an underutilised spare room, which was promptly identified as the perfect canvas for the walk-in wardrobe of their dreams.

The Fusion Robes team worked closely with the client to conceptualise a design that maximised space while embodying sophistication.

Color Palette
& Aesthetic

Inspired by timeless elegance, the chosen colour scheme of cashmere and soft black set the tone for the entire space.

These hues exude warmth and luxury, creating a welcoming ambience that invites you to indulge in the art of dressing and self-care.

Storage Solutions

At the heart of this walk-in wardrobe is the full-length shoe storage wardrobe, meticulously designed to accommodate an extensive collection of footwear while maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Every pair finds its place, allowing for easy access and organisation.

Dressing Table

A focal point of the room, the dressing table boasts push-open drawers with built-in jewel drawers, offering a seamless blend of functionality and opulence.

The glittery glass top adds a touch of glamour, elevating the overall aesthetic while providing a practical surface for daily rituals.

Concealed Storage

Top cupboards discreetly conceal any clutter, ensuring a clean and streamlined appearance.

From seasonal accessories to cherished mementoes, these hidden compartments offer a sanctuary for belongings, keeping them out of sight yet easily accessible when needed.

Illuminating Accents

Strategically placed lights illuminate the space, casting a soft glow that accentuates the elegance of the room.

Whether selecting the perfect outfit or admiring prized possessions, the lighting enhances every experience, infusing the walk-in wardrobe with an enchanting ambience.


In the heart of Ballyclare, a spare room has been transformed into a sanctuary of style and sophistication.

With its seamless blend of luxury, functionality, and impeccable design, this walk-in wardrobe curated by Fusion Robes exemplifies the art of elevating everyday living spaces.

From the plush textures to the thoughtful storage solutions, every element has been carefully chosen to create a haven where indulgence meets practicality.

Join us in celebrating the art of self-expression and the joy of embracing luxury in the comfort of your own home.

Book a FREE Design

Take the first step towards transforming your awkward spaces by booking a FREE Design Appointment with Fusion Robes. Our team is eager to explore the possibilities and tailor a solution that aligns with your vision and lifestyle.


2023 Top Wardrobe Trends

2023 Top Wardrobe Trends

Step into a world where wardrobes transcend their traditional role, becoming not only functional storage solutions but distinctive elements that elevate the entire living experience. In this case study, we delve into six signature wardrobe designs crafted by Fusion Robes, each a testament to our commitment to innovation, sophistication, and the seamless integration of style with practicality.

Dark Fitted Wardrobes

In a recent project, Fusion Robes showcased the allure of dark-fitted wardrobes, seamlessly blending sophistication with functionality. The rich, dark hues not only added a touch of elegance to the space but also provided a timeless aesthetic, proving that wardrobes can be more than just storage solutions—they can be statement pieces.

Natural Taupe Colours

Our commitment to versatility and tranquillity is evident in projects featuring natural taupe-coloured wardrobes. Fusion Robes’ palette choices transcend trends, creating a calming ambience within the bedroom. The incorporation of natural taupe hues ensures a harmonious integration with various bedroom decors.

Fitted Wardrobes in Bathrooms

Fusion Robes challenges conventional norms by introducing fitted wardrobes into bathroom spaces. This innovative approach not only optimises storage in unexpected areas but also brings a level of organisation and style to bathrooms that was previously overlooked. Functionality meets elegance in our bathroom wardrobe designs.

Knurled Handles

The tactile sophistication of knurled handles became a standout feature in one of our recent projects. Fusion Robes pays meticulous attention to details, and the choice of knurled handles elevates the overall aesthetics of the wardrobe, turning it into a unique and distinctive element in the room.

Tinted Glass Sliding Wardrobes

Modern luxury takes centre stage with Fusion Robes’ tinted glass sliding wardrobes. The combination of sleek design and practicality offers a contemporary solution that not only enhances the visual appeal of the wardrobe but also maximises space efficiency. Transparency and elegance coexist seamlessly.

Spare Bedrooms to Walk-In Wardrobe

Fusion Robes turns spare bedrooms into personalised sanctuaries with walk-in wardrobe transformations. By optimising underutilised spaces, we redefine the functionality of spare rooms, creating bespoke walk-in wardrobes that cater to individual storage needs and reflect personal style.


Fusion Robes continues to redefine wardrobe design, ensuring each project goes beyond the ordinary. From statement-making dark wardrobes to the innovative use of bathroom spaces, our designs showcase a commitment to versatility, aesthetics, and functionality. Elevate your living spaces with Fusion Robes’ distinctive wardrobe solutions.


6 tips to organise your  wardrobe

6 tips to organise your  wardrobe

At Fusion Robes, we believe in not just creating beautiful wardrobes but also enhancing your daily life through thoughtful organisation. Here are seven expert tips to revolutionise your wardrobe experience.

Matching Hangers for Elegance

Invest in matching hangers to bring elegance and uniformity to your wardrobe. Our commitment to detail extends beyond the wardrobe’s interior, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Coordinated Clothing Sections

Coordinate your clothing sections, distinguishing jumpers and t-shirts for effortless selection. Fusion Robes’ versatile designs cater to various wardrobe needs, ensuring each section is tailored to your lifestyle.

Colour-Coordinated Sub-Organisation

Take organisation to the next level by sub-organising your wardrobe by colours. At Fusion Robes, our wardrobes are not just storage solutions, they are designed to enhance the visual appeal of your clothing sanctuary.

Special Drawer for Sportswear

Integrate a dedicated drawer for sportswear, eliminating the need for hanging. Fusion Robes’ designs consider the diverse storage needs of our clients, ensuring every item finds its perfect place.

Dedicated Shoe Sections

Separate shoes into dedicated sections—boots, slippers, heels—for a clutter-free and easily navigable space. Our wardrobes feature customisable layouts to accommodate various shoe styles.


Fusion Robes’ commitment to excellence goes beyond aesthetics; it extends to creating wardrobes that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. Our designs prioritise organisation, ensuring your wardrobe becomes a reflection of your style and a source of daily inspiration.


6 Organisational Hacks from Fusion Robes for a Stylish Christmas Wardrobe

6 Organisational Hacks from Fusion Robes for a Stylish Christmas Wardrobe

Seasonal Sorting

Separate your Christmas-themed attire from regular wear. Keep cosy sweaters, festive outfits, and accessories in a designated section for easy access during the holiday season.

Colour Coordination

Arrange your clothes by colour to create a visually appealing and organised wardrobe. This makes it simpler to pick out festive reds, greens, and whites for Christmas events.

Accessorise Smartly

Group accessories like Santa hats, holiday scarves, and Christmas-themed jewellery together. This way, you can quickly add a touch of holiday spirit to any outfit.

Outfit Pairing

Pre-plan some Christmas outfits and hang them together. This saves time and ensures you’re ready for festive occasions without the last-minute stress of finding the perfect ensemble.

Gift Wrapping Station

If space allows, create a small gift-wrapping station within your wardrobe. Keep wrapping paper, ribbons, and tags neatly stored, making it convenient to prepare presents for loved ones.

Wash Baskets

A wash basket is a wardrobe essential, quietly maintaining order and cleanliness. It provides a designated space for worn clothes, preventing chaos and promoting good hygiene. This unassuming organiser encourages a disciplined approach to clothing care, ensuring a harmonious and well-kept living space.

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5 Ways to add Mirror Sliding Wardrobes to your home

5 Ways to add Mirror Sliding Wardrobes to your home

1. Classic Sliding Mirrors

Our Classic Sliding Mirror Wardrobes offer timeless elegance and seamless functionality. These sliding doors effortlessly reveal and conceal your clothing and accessories, and piece them together all in one place, making your morning routine a breeze.

2. Angled Mirror


If you have awkward spaces or angled ceilings, these angled mirrored wardrobes are the perfect choice. Super functional for getting dressed, these angled mirrors will help you make excellent use of alcoves, understairs and slopping ceilings while adding more practically to your home. 

3.  Tinted Mirrors:


Choose from grey or brown tint options to complement your interior decor while enjoying the practicality of a full-length mirror.For those who desire a touch of allure, our Smoked Mirror Wardrobes are a top pick. Creating a modern look while maintaining a sense of openness and style.

4. Fitted Mirror Wardrobes

Choose Fitted Wardrobes for a more traditional look to your home. There’s many variations to add Mirrors to Fitted Wardrobes. Speak to our design team to learn more. 

Fitted Wardrobes Northern Ireland

5. Corner Mirror Wardrobes


Make the most of the often-underutilized corner space in a room, allowing you to have a spacious wardrobe without sacrificing valuable floor area. The mirrored doors not only provide a full-length reflection for dressing but also help in reflecting light around the room, making it appear larger and brighter.

Fitted Wardrobes Northern Ireland

Celebrating 10 Years of Wardrobe Excellence with Sharon and Marcus​ at Fusion Robes

Celebrating 10 Years of Wardrobe Excellence with Sharon and Marcus​ at Fusion Robes

What makes Fusion Robes truly exceptional is not just the outstanding wardrobes they create, but the passion, expertise, and dedication of the founders, Sharon and Marcus. Now celebrating 10 years in business since starting Fusion Robes in 2013, we bring you along their journey and how Fusion Robes began with a shared love for furniture design and a dream to offer something truly unique to their clients.

Marcus' Pursuit of Furniture Functionality

Hailing from Monaghan, Marcus was always captivated by the intricacies of furniture design and functionality. His journey led him to Belfast, where he immersed himself in component design within the furniture industry. It was during this time that he knew he had the potential to do more, to bring his passion for innovative furniture solutions to life. In 2013, alongside Sharon, Fusion Robes was born, driven by Marcus’s unwavering commitment to learning and creating designs that stand out from the crowd.

The Fusion Robes Promise

With their extensive background and experience in the furniture industry, Sharon and Marcus possess the knowledge and skillset to craft designs that are entirely unique and customized to fit any space. Their ability to find custom solutions for their clients’ homes is what sets Fusion Robes apart and makes them truly special. There’s no design challenge too complex for this dynamic duo, as they thrive on creating forward-thinking solutions that exceed their customers’ expectations.

Sharon's Design Adventure and Passion for Bedrooms

Sharon’s design journey began with completing her degree in 3D design at the university. Afterward, she embarked on an adventure, exploring the USA and Canada before returning home to work in a Kitchen & Bedroom manufacturing component company. It was there that her passion for bedroom designs and wardrobes truly ignited. Displaying a natural talent and keen interest in sliding wardrobes, Sharon quickly became an expert in the field, eager to learn more and offer customers an unparalleled level of expertise.

Empowering Customers with Expertise

The realization that they could offer customers so much more than what was readily available on the market led Sharon and Marcus to open Fusion Robes. This decision enabled them to directly provide their clients with tailored solutions and personalized services. With a team that shares their enthusiasm for challenges, Fusion Robes thrives on pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results.

The Heart of Fusion Robes

Marcus and Sharon’s combined experience of over 20 years is the heartbeat of Fusion Robes. Their unwavering eagerness to deliver exactly what the customer desires drives the success of the business. Every wardrobe they create is a labor of love, a fusion of innovation, function, and impeccable craftsmanship.


If you’re in search of a wardrobe that reflects your style and fits your space perfectly, there’s no better place to turn to than Fusion Robes. Trust the visionaries behind this extraordinary company to transform your home into a space of organized elegance and timeless beauty. 

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